Hurricane Irma set back

We lost some shingles off the roof and have some water damage on the inside of our house. We currently don’t have power, but we have water, propane for the generator, and most importantly, our lives.

(Our roof above)

Hurricane Irma was supposed to track west of us about 80 miles or so. Unfortunately she decided to go due north at the end. The Category 2 Hurricane slammed into our little town around midnight. We were hit with hours of high winds, some of which pushed over 100 mph. All of our family, friends, and neighbors are fine. But most have at least some damage.

(Neighbor’s property above)

(Neighbor’s new dock right, and another is missing one to the left)

(Our damaged dock)

Believe it or not the RV held up better than our house! The fence was knocked over into the RV and it has some dents, but it seems to be okay. Of course we don’t have power so we haven’t tested anything inside.

(Fence on RV)

The solar panels that we Eternabonded down last weekend held up to over 100 mph winds. We haven’t tested them but they look okay from what we could tell.

(RV roof)

Hurricane Irma is going to cost us some money and will probably delay our full time RV launch. We are just thankful to be alive and the rest is “just stuff”.

5 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma set back”

  1. I’m so glad that it wasn’t worse and you both are well. I’ve been enjoying following your adventure from almost the beginning and while it’s a setback we all know how life is and God’s timing isn’t always ours. In the meantime you could do a video flying the drone in your area and that show how to do-it-yourself or contract for repairing the water damage and repairing or replacing a roof; hopefully insurance will cover the damage? Best regards from Alaska!

  2. Yesss .. I’m still cleaning up the Yard , waiting on Pool Cage & New Roof 🙀
    Hope it’s going better for you .
    Keep on Course . I’m Soooo thankful Nate didn’t come our way .
    I’m also in central Florida .

    1. We are waiting on a new roof still. Lots of drywall damage also. Mold is starting to set up. It’s been a stressful event, but everything happens for a reason and this is definitely a learning process. Good luck on your repairs!

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