New Year, New Roof! \ Hurricane Irma Update #2

Although our home owner’s claim has been a long process, it seems we are finally approaching the light at the end of the tunnel. As you all know, because of the insurance company’s lack of communication and delays, the home has continuously received unnecessary water damage over the past 3 months. All we wanted was to pay our deductible and repair the house, but instead we have spent months catching water in trash cans, dealing with mold, and being disappointed.

We immediately knew local roofers would be behind, and we needed to book one ASAP. We asked the insurance company if we could go ahead and hire someone, but they refused to give us approval. So instead, we were forced to pay roofers to temporarily patch the roof (3 different times) while the insurance company contemplated whether or not they were going to cover the damages. By the time they finally gave us an estimate (6 weeks after Irma) all the roofers were backed up for months. On top of that, they didn’t give us enough to even cover a new roof, let alone the water damage to the inside of the home.

After receiving the first estimate we realized we were going to need help fighting the insurance company. They were only estimating the total damage (inside and out) at $15k, and by then we had 3 quotes (for the roof alone) coming in at over $15k. We decided to hire a local company called True Builders to handle everything for us.

True Builders sent a private adjuster to do their own estimate (which was more than double what the insurance estimate was), and they had water mitigators out within the same day of being hired. They set up fans to dry out the ceiling and sprayed the mold to get it under control. Ultimately, they managed to negotiate with the insurance company to send another $13k towards repairs. As soon as the insurance company approved additional funds, within 2 weeks we had a new roof.  Finally, no more leaks!! Now that the roof is complete, True Builders has informed us that they will be coming out this Monday to start on the inside. The projected completion date for all repairs is this upcoming Friday, January 12th. We can’t wait to get our home back to the way it was and hopefully get it sold!!




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